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After Translucent 600, Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Experts Will Continue to Increase

The Association of Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Experts (APARI) projects that the number of experts in the brokerage or brokerage sector will continue to grow from the current number which has reached 630 people. Bambang Suseno, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Experts (APARI), explained that the total number of Apari members currently reaches 630. This number, he continued, continues to grow in line with the increase in the number of participants in each educational program organized by the association. Bambang explained that the number would increase in the near future. This is because Apari is currently holding an education program that started last year and will be completed in early 2018. The program was attended by around 100 participants for the level of Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Adjunct Experts (AAPAI) and 70 people for Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Experts (APAI). He explained that personnel who reach the APAI level will automatically be registered as APARI members.

"So, the addition of members in the near future can be 70 people. The total could be 700 in the near future," he explained, Monday (1/15/2018). Bambang explained that previously the education program to reach the AAPAI level was attended by 40-50 participants, while for APAI there were around 30-40 participants.

For information, Apari has three levels of education and insurance brokerage expert degrees, AAPAI, APAI and the highest level is Certified Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (CIIB). Bambang explained that the increase in the number of participants occurred in line with the obligations set by the regulator through Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 68/POJK.05/2016 concerning Business and Institutional Licensing for Insurance Broker Companies, Reinsurance Brokers and Insurance Loss Appraisal Companies. These provisions require insurance brokerage companies and reinsurance brokerage companies to employ at least one expert. However, Bambang said that in discussions with regulators it was recently revealed that the directors of insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies are also required to obtain this predicate. On the other hand, Apari has also realized cooperation and equalization of degrees with The Australian an New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), through the signing of a mutual recognition agreement in October 2017. “So, if you study at Apari and graduate, you can get also from a degree from ANZIIF without having to take part in another education program,” he said.

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